Sunday, June 30, 2019

Preoccupied in June

I realized it's been a while since I wrote a blog entry, so jotting down the latest before the month of June gets away from me, and we jump into July. We've been a little preoccupied lately, and putting some glass projects on hold. "Why" you may ask? The picture below should help explain where our attentiveness has gone lately. While on a family bike ride we found these abandoned kitties in some thistles and sticker bushes, meowing and crying for someone to take care of them. We couldn't find a mother, so we scooped them up and have been caring for them ever since. Our son and his wife are helping us out with the sweet little kittens. They are very entertaining at this young age. 😊

Our family rescued 3 little kittens in June.


They are quite young, so need lots of attention. We're thinking after a Vet visit next week, we should know more about them and are pretty sure these rescues just might end up part of our families.  I'd say we were in the right place at the right time. So, as far as new glass works, not much to share this month, other than a few pieces: A blown glass Black Sheep nestled atop a nice piece of burl wood, which was commissioned recently, and another commission of  a blown glass solar system. 

Blown and Sculpted Black Sheep on Manzanita Burl wood.

A commission of the Solar System, (Not exactly to scale.) hand sculpted and Blown in the Lamp Work flames.
 We are also expecting our 6th grand baby and 2nd granddaughter any day now. She is a little overdue, so we are patiently waiting for this little baby bundle of joy to arrive any day now. I was busy making an old fashioned baby quilt for her this past month also, and got it done in the nick of time. Some months, other things just have to take priority over the glass. June would be one of those months. I can tell this summer is going to be gone in an instant. Goodbye June, hello July. Until next time, be safe with the fireworks, and have a happy 4th. 🎆🎇
I try to make each new grandchild their own unique blanket.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Butterfly Memories

Mom's Butterfly
Today is a day of would have been our Mother's (in-law's) 82nd birthday. We said goodbye to this beautiful soul not quite 2 years ago. At the time of loss, Russ was moved to create a special blown glass butterfly especially to remember her by, pictured above. This month he just happened to be creating more butterflies for others in the Studio....coincidence? Or was she there helping him create? Whatever the case, butterflies will always remind us of our dear Mom and her graceful ways. Russ inherited his love of creating from his Mom, and it shows in so many of his works. 

Some other ideas and creations were also completed this month. We were able to hang the Chickadee Art work in the Studio, along with a new piece of kiln work, depicting a school of fish swimming in the Ocean current. Russ really enjoys creating new works in between working on the orders that need to be filled for clients. One of our customers requested glass bobbins for bobbin lace making, an interesting commission that was created, and pictured below. 

Glass Bobbins

One more fused piece was just completed last week. Multiple colors were cut, then fused in the kiln. The final step was to slump on a mold, and smooth down the edges of the bowl. Blown balls compliment the finished fused glass bowl. I really am fond of the earth tones. That is the latest coming out of the Studio for the month of April. We hope the coming month of May allows you to spend a day or two with your own Mom, or reflect on happy memories of her.
Finished Fused Glass Bowl

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spending some time with Family this March

A rainy day at Zion's National Park
 March was the month we were able to quickly slip away from our Studio for a few days, and enjoy family time at Zion National Park. (What a national treasure!) We also went down to Arizona to celebrate Russ' Dad's 82nd birthday. It was a quick trip down in a rental car, (Our cars are showing their age) but we appreciated the time away, even if only for a few rainy days. The Southwest's scenery did not disappoint.
We hiked in the rain, but still enjoyed the scenery.

One of many arches in Zion.

Lots of red rock to explore.
We saw a number of mountain goats.
Meanwhile, many different projects are going on this month, many Yellowstone wildlife glass works, alstrom drops for a Non-profit Organization, never-ending Etsy orders, and some new art that I'll highlight next month. In the meantime, this month I am highlighting some past glass pieces that were created in our Studio over the years. Well, I'll keep the blog short this month, I need to get behind the torch. Russ and I will be working nonstop the next little while to catch up on orders. Until next time, enjoy Spring...

Sculpting glass at the torch

Spring Florals for a wedding cake top

Slumped wine bottle with florals and dragonflies.

Blown glass Bass on Manzanita wood

Slumped and fused "Seasons" on wood base.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

February was Fierce

February started out nice enough....we had quite a few snowstorms this month and played outside in the white powder with our furry friends. We also celebrated a couple of birthdays in the family, including our youngest grandson turning 1 earlier this month. But midway through the month we both came down hard with the Crud! It hit us something fierce! It especially hit Russ hard, so our annual Valentine rosebud lessons had to be rearranged until he got to feeling better. Today is the last day of the month and he's still not quite 100 percent. This is the first year I can remember whole school districts shutting down because of that nasty bug spreading all throughout our valley. I'm glad we are on the mend now.

Our 5th grandchild turned 1 year old this month.
 Before Russ got sick, he had time to create a few new fused projects, including the wall art below...a callalily scene for our daughter-in-law, who celebrated the big 30 year mark this month. He used stand-offs to hang it in her home. It took multiple firings in the big kiln.

Fused Callalilies ready to fire again in the big kiln.
Finished art work
A large order of blown glass hearts and many roses were also worked on and shipped out this month, in between each of us dealing with fevers and coughs and sniffles.

Another fused scene (pictured below) completed this month represented the many chickadees that come to our property in winter in search of food. It can also be used as wall art and is for sale in our Studio. 

 We had a request at the end of the month for these medallions to go along with a book that a local author had written. We were barely able to squeeze this order in, after dealing with the sickies for weeks on end!
A custom order of Star and Heart blown glass medallions
 Now that we have just about conquered the Crud, we are really looking forward to warmer weather and Spring flowers blooming, akin to our glass tulips pictured below. Believe me, we are so done with "Cabin Fever"!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Year, New Projects

A Large Glass Snowflake hangs in our Studio window.
 On a positive note, there are only two days left in January.....then time to say goodbye to the January blahs. Actually, not much to complain about today. We are enjoying fairly normal weather while much of the country is in a deep freeze. And as I've said in the past, a cold, cloudy day brings out the creativity in the Studio. So actually, January is a good time to get busy around here. And busy we've been! But it's not all work. We managed to enjoy a weekend at the Driggs Winterscape festival. (Always nice to take time off to have some winter fun now and then.)

Snow sculpture at a winter festival in January.
January storm blowing through.
Our dog stands patrol while I shovel on a winter day.
The month started out with a big fusing project. It was requested by a tennis pro shop in Texas, for an award they were giving to their tournament participants.  Clear COE90 glass was cut into hundreds of circles, then enamel paints were hand painted on to create a tennis ball ornament, adorned with a snowflake on top. It was a big project to start out the year.
Hundreds of tennis ball/snowflake ornaments were created this month.

Tennis Ball Ornaments ready to be fired in the kiln.

The finished ornaments.
 And now we have a new project we are working on for another Non-profit organization in Utah. The heart ornaments below are created using a large, high heat lamp work flame. Colored pyrex rods are added for a light airy, and wispy effect. These large hearts are using up a lot of oxygen. Russ went through one tank in a day! Hundreds of these will be completed in February. We are also gearing up for "Hot Date Night", where Russ will teach couples how to make a glass rosebud for Valentine's Day. It's a fun event we try to do for the locals every year. 
Currently we are working on another large order of blown glass hearts.
 The trick is to stay busy at the torches in the winter months, so we can enjoy the Spring and Summer months in the great outdoors. A customer brought in the flower sculpture below that they had purchased from us a few years ago, to get repaired. We were happy to have the colors of Spring in the Studio, for a fleeting moment. Well, time to get back to work on this cold January day. Until next time, stay warm out there. ☃
This colorful blown glass piece makes us look forward to warmer weather.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Saying Goodbye to the Holiday Season

 Another whirlwind-of-a-year is coming to a close. We are winding down in the Studio, taking a short break from the busy holiday season. It has been nice to be with family and enjoy our grandchildren, instead of our usual countless hours spent filling requests for glass orders. Our glassblowing and slumping and fusing projects were going out the door as fast as we could make them. So this last week has been extra nice, not having to meet any deadlines. Some of the projects we did in December are in the photos pictured below. Take a look at some of the glass works created in this last month of the year. The first picture was a special commission created especially for a local author. The elephants are re-creations of the main character in one of her children's books. Projects like these are enjoyable because of the creative leeway given. Glass enamels highlighted the fused pieces.
Fused glass elephants highlighted with glass enamels
A Kiln full of annealed candy canes

Fused and Glass Enameled Holiday Display

Blown Glass Snowboarder Ornament
Many Ornaments were sold at our Holiday Open House the first week in December
Blown Glass Cheetah Ornament with gold highlights

Whimsical Blown Glass Frog Ornaments
Our Jackson Hole Buyer needed more of the glass wildlife in her store, so we created many pieces for her in December. They are sold in her retail store up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Pictured below are just a few of the pieces that were made for her.
Frosted Glass Swans in Flight

A whitewater rafters ornament

New techniques and colors were used on this glass trout

Glass Moose with Cattails

A Frosted Mountain Goat with Gold Horns

Now we are on the cusp of a New Year.....thinking ahead, once again, to the many possibilities we can create in the Studio. We're sure that the view out our window will help inspire us to get back to work. The new year will see us going full steam ahead, staying warm by the torches in the coming cold winter months. We'd like to wish you a very Happy New Year from A Touch of Glass Studio. Thanks again, for your support!

The view from our Studio on a wintry evening.